John D. (Jay) Pereira, CLC

Jay started his working career at age 15 as a carpenter’s helper.  At 16 Jay enrolled in the Gloucester Vocational Carpentry Program and graduated with high honors while working part time at the Gloucester Building Center.  After graduating from Gloucester Vocational School he worked for a couple of master carpenters learning more about the trade.  After completing a 3 year apprenticeship, Jay got a position as a lead carpenter and went on to work on some of the finest homes on the North Shore.

Fully experienced in new home construction, renovation and historical preservation, Jay’s specialty became complex and fine finish work.  Although he is very knowledgeable on all aspects of remodeling, his finish work is exquisite.

In 1992 Jay started his own business and soon worked for architects and homeowners from Marblehead to Newburyport.  With a crew of 15 men, no job was too large or too small.  The business became very successful, until the economy took its toll, as it did with most of the larger construction companies.  Jay tried to save the company by reducing his personnel, but jobs became too hard to find and he was forced to close down the business.

Morrison Remodeling found Jay through word of mouth in April of 2011 and we are thrilled to have him on board.   He even refers to Gary as Mr. Morrison sometimes (imagine that!).

Jay says: “To my great fortune, in April of 2011, Mr. Gary Morrison has accepted me as one of the crew and I am very impressed by his company standards and finishing a job with the highest quality in the industry.  I look forward to providing Mr. Morrison with all the experience I have achieved over the past 33 years and servicing his clients with the same high level of workmanship.”

Jay recently completed the Certified Lead Carpenter program at NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry).  This is a nine week program and includes a 6 hour final exam, which is very difficult.  Jay passed the exam and has earned the title of Certified Lead Carpenter. Jay, like all of our employees, is already a Certified Lead Paint Renovator.

Jay’s greatest joy is his family.  He lives in Beverly and has 6 children.

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